Structured & Cyber-secured Schools


  Flexible and powerful classroom management and report system

  Create, assign, manage, differentiate homework and monitor student’s activities


  eQuizzes, printable worksheets, and benchmark reading assessment integrated with curriculum, enabling differentiated instructions

  Placement, Mandarin Running Record, Evaluation Assessments offer customized automation testing virtual and efficient

  Access to advanced analytics reports on classes as well as individual students

  Build a detailed personal growth profile based on overall performance


  Accurate correlation to Common Core States Content Standards and precise alignment with ACTFL proficiency levels and AP Chinese topics

  More than 1,000 inter-disciplinary eReaders authored by US star teachers on different curriculum content areas presenting a scaffolding academic cognitive language proficiency that conforms to CCSS/NGSS K-8 curriculum provisions

  The latest advancement in Chinese L2 acquisition and linguistic researches places 2,000 readers on 20 proficiency levels from novice through advanced

  State of the art technology to enable students to read, listen, record, write and practice their literacy skills 24/7 anywhere on any devices


  Certified for data privacy and cybersecurity, protecting and securing student data and the educational environment

  Create, assign, manage, differentiate homework and monitor student’s activities

Supportive Teachers

Differentiated Instruction

  Gives teachers freedom to place students at their individual reading level

  Create, assign, manage, differentiate homework and monitor student’s activities

Sufficient Supplementary Resource

  Thousands of high-quality leveled readers to choose from

  Teachers can easily find the appropriate books aligning to standards for different program

  Running Records helps to accurately understand students' strengths and weaknesses in language learning

Easy-to-operate Assessment

  Level Placement Test helps to identify students' accurate starting reading level

  Running Records helps to accurately understand students' strengths and weaknesses in language learning

Powerful Reporting System

  Comprehensive reporting system helps teachers better monitor each student’s progress

  Data-based student reading report with various charts and diagrams are easy to view and analyze

Informed Parents

Free Parents Account

  Free parents account linked to one or more kids, help kids to set up reading setting and monitor their reading progress

Home Library

  Establish and tailor your home library and find the right books for your children anytime, anywhere

Engaged Students

Unlimited Resource

  Thousands of high-quality, authentic best-selling Chinese fictional and nonfictional books

  Supports knowledge development in subjects such as Math, Science, History, Social Science and Arts

  Features popular book series and articles written by lead teachers in North America

  Weekly new releases

Precise Positioning and Self-paced Learning

  Standards Alignment help different program students easily find the right books

  20 different reading levels conforming to ACTFL Proficiency Levels help students to read and learn on their own pace

  Interactive questions and complementary quizzes tests students' comprehension and promotes better understanding

  Level Placement Test and Running Records help students find their true level and get the better scaffolding reading material

Engaging and Interactive Learning Experience

   Students can choose to read in simplified or traditional Chinese characters, with or without Pinyin

   Students can listen to every book narrated by professional voice talents

Happy Customers

Truly Free Trials for both individual and school account

  Total access to all contents

  Full functionality with no restriction

  No credit card or software installation required

Easy quoting and ordering system

  Get quote and finish order in three simple steps

Client-centered Customer Service and Satisfaction Guaranteed User Experience

  Designated account manager

  In-time technical support

  Hands-on first time user training and ongoing workshops